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Out And About--Tag Ethan
I Hate Myselves, No Escape
Harvey hasn't been out much, yet. Despite the weird things that people must be used to in a world like this, half-faced men aren't exactly common.

However, he's getting stir-crazy sitting in the office all the time. So here he is, taking a walk.

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Ethan is driving down the street with the lights flashing, on his way back to the firehouse in the Ecto-3. He's coming back from a simple call and notices Harvey walking. He pulls over to the side and rolls down his window. "Hey Harvey, where ya going?"

Harvey shrugs. "Just, you know, out. I was going nuts sitting around in there." He smirks.

"Want company? I just have to drop off this baddie in the containment unit and if there are no other calls I can meet you over at that ice cream stand in about ten minutes." He pats the smoking ghost trap on the seat beside him.

He thinks a moment, then shrugs and flips for it.

"Sounds like a plan."

"Cool. Be right with you." He turns the siren on again and heads to the firehouse. After depositing the nasty in the containment unit and checking in with the guys and Janine, he heads out to meet Harvey. The guys get quite a lot of attention and since he's in uniform he gets stopped a couple times by fans making him a couple minutes late to meet Harvey. "Sorry I'm late. Buy you an ice cream sandwich to make up for it?" he asks as he jogs over to his colleague.

"Go right ahead, it's your money."

Not a very gracious acceptance to Ethan's way of thinking, but nonetheless he buys two ice cream sandwiches and hands one to Harvey.

"No legal stuff to deal with today huh?" he asks as he starts walking. "Quiet day all around it seems..... you might get some paperwork on that last call." he says, wincing apologetically.

"Thanks." He takes a bite. Watching him eat is rather disturbing.

"Nothing that I couldn't finish in about five minutes, anyway."

"You're welcome."

Ethan nods. "We try to be careful but proton streams aren't the most precise form of energy. They work though."

"Better than nothing, right?"

"Well if there was nothing, there'd be no Ghostbusters and I'd be out of a job, so yeah.. better than nothing."

"True enough, I suppose."

(And next post will be our 'heroism' moment starting, what do you say?)

Ethan had been so busy talking that he didn't notice they had wandered into a deeper forested part of the park. Not many people around, very quiet. Maybe a bit too quiet.

"Maybe we should turn around and go the other way."


"That might be a good idea, yeah."

Yes? What is it?
Look over there
What . . ? Oh. Shit.

Harvey frowns and nods to a particularly dark spot. "Is it just me, or is that poor bastard getting mugged?"

Ethan looks over to the area that Harvey is indicating and he squints. "Shit, I think you're right. Where the hell is my cellphone?" he frantically searches the pockets of his flight suit but to no avail. Apparently he won't be calling the cops.

"Ah, Hell."

Shall we?
I know for a fact that you're carrying.
For self-protection, not so I can shoot every mugger I see!
Oh, Harvey . . . flip for it?
Fists first. We can flip on the gun if he won't give in.
Alright, then.

And Harvey heads for the mugger.

One moment Harvey was next to him, then when he looked up from his cellphone search, he wasn't there. He saw Harvey running toward the mugger. "Aww shit." Ethan said to himself. "He's gonna get us both killed." Ethan ran after Harvey.

Harvey's got one Hell of a right hook, it must be said. The mugger, however, has a knife. This is not going to end well, no matter who wins.

"Get out of here," he advises the would-be victim, who rather sensibly takes the suggestion to heart and flees.

Then he and the mugger start circling.

Ethan comes to a stop a few feet from the mugger. "Hey!" he yells, hopefully distracting the man as now he probably doesn't know which man to watch. Perhaps he's given Harvey an opportunity.

It's enough to get one good hit in, but the mugger responds by cutting a thin line down Harvey's arm.

Fuck this, let's flip for it.
It's barely even bleeding, Harv.
It hurts, dammit! And the next one could be worse.
Sad thing is, you've got a point. But Ethan . . .
He knows what we are. He knows better than we do.
Right, then.

He flips the coin.

(Which heads do you think it should land on?)

Ethan watched the coin flip, almost in slow motion. He knew it could be good but he also knew it could be VERY bad. The mugger deserved justice and that might be what he got but he also might get death. Ethan reached quickly into his pocket and threw a pocket full of change in the air to hopefully mess up the coin toss. Then he tackled the mugger's legs throwing him off balance. The mugger slashed with his knife, catching Ethan across the ribs and then stood up and kicked him in the stomach before turning on Harvey again. Ethan gasped to catch the wind that had been knocked out of him and hoped Harvey could take care of this guy without killing him.

((I hope this is okay if you'd rather Ethan didn't interfere I'll change it.))

This earns Ethan a glare, but he's not stupid enough to do more when he's still in a fight. And anyway, he knows which coin is his--he's had it twenty years, after all.

Bad heads, Harvey.
And the bastard deserves it, too. He was going to murder that guy. But it's probably best if we don't kill him, Harv. Don't want to get into too much trouble, now do we?
Gut shot, then?
Sounds like a plan.

He takes out his gun, aims, fires. The mugger screams and falls to the ground.

"There, you idiots. I'm being generous."

Dammit, it worked for Batman. Ethan however clearly wasn't Batman.

He gasps for breath, rolling over with his hand over the cut. It wasn't too deep but the blood was seeping through his flight suit.

"Harvey what the fuck man? Are you insane?" Why did he ask that, he knew the answer. "If we don't... get some help.. he'll die." he panted.

"I know, alright?" He sighs and drags the unfortunate mugger to his feet.

"Come here, you moron, let's get you to the hospital."

"Why don't you just get to a payphone and call an ambulance. They can get him there a hell of a lot faster than you can drag him." Notice how Ethan can't look at Harvey directly. He slowly pulls himself to his feet.

"You know the area better than I do."

He thinks a moment. "You have anything I could use for bandages?"

Ethan sighs and tears the sleeve off his flightsuit, tossing it disgustedly at Harvey and staggers off to find a payphone.

"Great! Thanks!" says Harvey, a tad sarcastically, and starts trying to patch the idiot up.

Why are we doing this?
I'd rather not go to jail, thank you so
very much. And anyway, I'm trying not to become a complete fuckling LUNATIC!
Says the man who yells at himself in his head.
Shove it! You've caused enough problems for one day.

Ethan returns a few minutes later and leans against a tree, pressing another torn piece of his uniform against his ribs. He doesn't speak. He doesn't have to. Already sirens are approaching. After a few moments, he finally speaks.

"You know the cops are going to talk to you...."

"He was trying to fucking stab us, okay?

"And I didn't kill him. I could have, but I didn't. I didn't."

He's beginning to hyperventilate. "God, I hate my fucking life sometimes."

"Yeah, I know he was trying to stab you. I'm perfectly aware as you see, I DID get fucking stabbed!" He growls.

"No, you didn't kill him Harvey and I'm really glad for that. It means you've got more control than I thought but you still shot a man. You'll probably get off on self defense. The fuck do I know? You're the lawyer. Point is, the cops are gonna have questions and you've got to keep it together and not let your bad side just start capping cops."

He laughs weakly. "That would be fucking stupid. Although I'd appreciate it if you didn't give him--me? Whatever--ideas.

"I think we should probably get me that therapy you suggested before long, though."

Wow Ethan. That WAS dumb. What were you thinking?

"Oh don't worry, the therapy will hit you so fast your head will spin. I'm mentioning it to Egon as soon as I can get in touch with the firehouse."

Finally the ambulance winds it's way through the trees along with a cop car. The EMT's go about their business while the cops start to question the mugger and Harvey.

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