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New Office--Tag Ethan
Good Side

Harvey is sitting sideways in his chair, feet on his new desk, flipping through reports and paperwork.

Every few seconds he idly flicks his coin, keeping it spinning. He's always been fond of coin tricks.

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Ethan knocks on the door as he figures it's time he met Harvey. The guys seemed to like him so far and Jubilee liked him. He would of course have to make up his own mind, but Jubilee's opinion weighed in heavy, as did Egon, Ray and Winston's. Peter, not so much.

"Come on in," says Harvey cheerfully. "It's open."

Ethan entered casually, leaving the door open behind him. He may have done it self consciously because he feared being locked in a room with Harvey in case he went kill happy but in reality he didn't even realize he did it. He DID however, smile sincerely. "You must be Harvey." he crossed the office and offered a handshake.

"And you must be Ethan," is the response.

He accepts the hand, turning into full view as he does so.

It's not pleasant.

"I am." He replies and what a guy Ethan is. His face remains completely neutral, although it takes a great deal of effort to do so. He's seen a lot of strange things in his time as a Ghostbuster and it takes a bit to shake him nowadays.

"Enjoying the office so far?"

He grins. "Yeah. No one's jumped when they see me yet."

He waves it off and even pays a compliment in the form of a joke, hoping Harvey won't take offense at the way he words it. Ethan just has a good sense of humor. "It was an accident Harvey. From what I can see you're still a half way decent looking guy." He grins.

Harvey laughs. "With a halfway decent personality."

Ethan returns the laugh. As he's familiar with Batman, it's a really honest statement but humorous given the situation. "True that." he says.

"So have you met Slimer yet? Hope the spud isn't giving you any problems. Word of advice? Don't keep any food in your desk if you want your important papers slime free."

"Yeah, I saw him.

"And unless whiskey counts, I don't plan on it."

"Well he's been known to guzzle wine, but as far as the guys tell me, that was just the one time that they've seen. The night they busted him at the Sedgewick."

"Guzzling wine? You're not supposed to guzzle wine." He shakes his head mock-ruefully.

"And speaking of whiskey . . ." He takes out a bottle. "Care for a glass?"

"Slimer, in case you hadn't noticed, doesn't have a whole lot of smarts."

Ethan nods. "Sure, why not? It would take a lot more than one glass to throw off my aim if we get a call."

"Sure." Ethan nods, not really wanting to see Peter as he's still sort of pissed at him but he yells for him anyway.

"Yo Pete! Come down here." he calls

"This better be good Sparky, I'm watchin the game." he calls as he slides down the fire pole. He walks over to the office and walks in. "Yeah?" then he looks at Harvey and his face goes completely slack and unreadable for a good minute or so before he says. "You get in a fight with a waffle iron or somethin? I hope you got your waffles because I think it won."

Harvey smiles unpleasantly.

"It's what some people might refer to as a firebomb. The mob doesn't like honest lawyers."

"Uhh.. okay right. Can you excuse me?" he says, and grabs Ethan's ear, pulling him into a little huddle. "Who's the burn victim Sparky?" he whispers, although not very quietly. "Ow, ow.. ow." Ethan slapped Peter's hand away from his ear. "That hurt. This is Harvey Dent. Our new lawyer. He used to be a district attorney and Ray and Egon hired him. They think he'll be a good asset. So don't be an ass."

Peter looks over his shoulder at Harvey, then back at Ethan with an amused "why wasn't I informed about this sooner" kind of look before turning back around to Harvey. "Welcome aboard."

"Why thank you."

Harvey smirks at Ethan. "He doesn't know his comic books as well as you do, does he?"

"What do I look like, a nerd?" Peter asked. Ethan opened his mouth to Peter's glare, replying. "Don't answer that if you want to live a long and healthy life Sparky." Ethan rolled his eyes.

Peter turned to leave. "Back to the game. Try not to burn anything down huh?"

Ethan turned back to Harvey. "Peter wouldn't know a comic book if it bit him in the ass."

"Then maybe you ought to tell him a few things? Just so he knows what's what."

And he leans back in his chair to watch the show.

Ethan watches Peter head back upstairs. "To be honest I'd almost rather let him piss you off and have you scare the shit out of him but yeah, I'll talk to him about you at some point. Might even just leave a couple comics on his bunk."

"If he pissed me off there's a fifty-fifty chance I'd try to kill him, so make it sooner rather than later."

"Do Egon and Ray know this? I want to give you the benefit of the doubt Harvey, but I don't think anyone wants any of us in danger of you snapping, flipping a coin and painting the walls with our blood."

"I'm not sure. They do if they've ever read the stories.

"But honestly, that's only going to happen if you really get me angry. I'm unstable, but not that unstable."

Be quiet.

He nods quietly, thinking.

"I wonder Harvey... as a condition of your employment would you be willing to submit to the occasional psychiatric test in order to establish your stability? You don't have to say yes as Egon and Ray have already hired you but I think it would help us all rest easier. I know you're going to be a great asset, I'd just as soon you weren't a risk."

He thinks a moment, then agrees cheerfully.

"I suppose it would be useful. Just to make sure the voices in my head aren't affecting my decisions."

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