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Psycho Therapy--Tag Jubilee

Ethan had suggested that Harvey have the occasional psych test, and Harvey had agreed. So, strangely, had 'Harv'.

We do need to talk about what made us this way with someone, Harvey. We don't want to go even crazier than we already are.
I'm surprised you care.
Don't be. I may be a bastard, but I was created because you need me. You're trying to follow two conflicting moral codes at once, and you can't do that.
What's fair and what's just, I know. But that doesn't explain why you're trying to help me.
Because my job is to protect you, dumbass. To keep you from falling apart any more than you already have. Now fucking well get this test over with, already!

Alright, alright. Will you shut up now?
. . . no.

So here they are. Care to play the 'figure out Harvey-Harv' game, anyone?


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Deciding to check on how Harvey was doing, Jubilee stopped in to see him.

"Hey you." She greeted him.

"Hey." Harvey smiles at her. "Ethan suggested we get therapy, did you hear about that yet?"

"He mentioned it to me. Might not be a bad idea."

"I don't suppose we have any therapists working here, do we?" he asks wryly.

"Not that I know of. Ethan mentioned to me that Egon was going to find you someone, or try his hand at it himself."

"I studied therapy in school, but this is totally out of my league."

"It's out of most people's league, probably, but trying can't hurt.

"Maybe we should ask Egon if he's gotten anywhere . . . care to join us?"

"I know at least a couple people who could have handled it. If they were around in this dimension."

Giving a shrug, "Might as well."

"Thank you." He smiles a grateful smile and heads for Egon's office.

Not wanting to intrude, Jubilee will sort of stand just outside of Egon's office while Harvey does his thing.

(ooc: not really good with the NPC of the other GhostBusters. So not sure how you want to handle this)

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