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He Doesn't Like The News

There is a reason, a very good reason, why Harvey Dent never reads the newspaper anymore. Never watches television, either, once the news comes on.

The deaths don't make the front page, not in a city the size of this one. But the obituaries of two
(Scum, bastards, small-time mob killers)
men can be found in the back pages today. Their killer won't be caught--as so many killers aren't caught, especially when the mob is involved. But in this case, the reason for that is the killer's knowledge of forensics. Knowledge that is only available to a cop--or, perhaps, a lawyer.

Harvey Dent doesn't like the news. It always gets him (them) so very upset . . .

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((Aww. So many people in the news worth killing, so little time?))

(Something like that, yeah.)

((OMG! Acme Disappearing-Reappearing Comments!))

(I was trying to figure out a way for only us to see it.

(I couldn't.)

((Ah. It would be nice if there were such an option, wouldn't it?

Oh, FYI, Harvey is very welcome to wander into Ali's open journal entries, if he/you would like?))

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