Good Heads or Bad Heads?

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Things To Do

Harvey's days have become rather routine by this point.

Get out of bed. Deal with bad eye. Brush teeth--hard to do on that side now. Shower. Brush hair--it's coming in again on his bad side. Coming in white, for some reason. Dress. Have breakfast. Go to work. Have lunch. Work some more. Come home. Have dinner. Brush teeth. Shower. Sleep.

Currently, he is at lunch. He is also rather bored.

I never thought I'd miss the excitement of being shot at.
Mostly we were doing the shooting, actually.
Close enough--well, not really . . . So, what should we have?
Flip for it.

Out comes the coin.

Italian, apparently. Where's a good Italian place?
Haven't the foggiest.

"Anyone know a good Italian restaurant around here? We feel like eating out."


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